Educational Social Work Service
Educational Social Work Service

Educational Social Work Service (0)

 Mrs Annette Faulkner is the school’s Educational Welfare Officer. She is employed by the local authority rather than the school, and as such can act as an independent person who can offer support and advice on the following (and other) matters:

  • Advising parents to ensure that pupils receive an appropriate education up to the age of 16
  • Advise families to ensure they receive all the benefits that they may be entitled to eg school meal, transport and clothing
  • Advice on Child employment
  • Meeting regularly with school staff, pupils and parents to identify problems and develop possible solutions
  • Attend Child Protection issues and conferences

The Education Social work service has a statutory responsibility to prosecute when children do not attend school

If you wish to speak to Mrs Faulkner you can contact her through the school 01492 532025, or 01492 536516