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Thursday, 23 August 2018 10:51

GCSE Celebrations for Students at Ysgol Eirias! Featured

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Following the highest A/A* results last week for A Level students, GCSE students at Ysgol Eirias have once again followed in the celebrations of excellent results!  Science and Modern Foreign Languages in particular have cemented the status of the school as Lead School for Science and MFL in the region with excellent results.

Technology subjects have excelled this year, in particular Art, Textiles and Child Development where all students gained grade C or above.  Nearly all PE students gained grade C or above and excellent resuts were seen in Welsh, Music and ICT.  Of particular note is the success of the relatively new Skills Challenge certificate in the new Welsh Baccalaureate where nearly all students in the year passed the course.

All subject areas across school have proven to reach the high standards required enabling students to access the courses they need to continue their journey whether that be continuing in education or moving into the world of work. 

Ysgol Eirias is extremely proud of the curriculum offered where students are accessing an extensive range of subjects that meet a variety of interests and needs.  A number of students have achieved success despite challenging personal circumstances or significant learning difficulties over the last couple of years due to the care and support offered across the school. 

Individualised learning programmes and alternative curriculum provision have ensured that students can reach or exceed their potential through the varying routes offered.    Of particular mention is Rebecca Ganley who has been involved with the GB Wheelchair Basketball Squad, as well as Iwan Davies and Hollie Williams; all three students were presented with the David Lysak award for positivity in the face of adversity.

It has been a good year for 3 sets of twins who all enjoyed excellent results this year.  Bethan and Emily Hanlon achieved 4A*s, 16 As and 4 Bs between them, Daniel and Luke Benn gained 1A*, 7As, 17Bs and a C and Amber and Jade Thomas achieving 8A*s, 5 As, 6Bs, 7Cs and a distinction between them – stunning results all round!

Gaining the award for 100% attendance alongside the Benn twins were Holly Morrison, Aimee Butler and Daniel Hughes.

Other particularly impressive results were:

Ryan Turner 9A*s, 2As, 1B, 1C & Distinction
Ollie Gibson 9A*s, 1A, 2Bs, 1C & Distinction
Beth Tapping 8A*s, 4As, 1B & Distinction
George Weis 8A*s, 3As, 2Bs & Distinction
Eleanor Jones 8A*s, 3As, 1B
Isaac Wetton 7A*s, 5As, 1B & Distinction
Jade Thomas  7A*s, 5As, 1B & Distinction
Sophie Morley 7A*s, 1A, 5Bs &  Merit
Aimee Butler 6A*s, 4As, 2Bs
William Enston 5A*s, 3As, 2Bs, 2Cs & Distinction
Delyth Michael 4A*s, 7As, 2Bs
Alice Fisher 4A*s, 6As, 2Bs
Holly Stones 4A*s, 4As, 4Bs
Holly Faulkner 3A*s, 6As, 3Bs
Charlie Gregson 3A*s, 6As, 2Bs, 1C
Charlie Austin 2A*s, 6As, 3Bs, 2Cs & Merit
Matthew Millband 2A*s, 8As, 1B, 1C & Distinction
Christian Fuller 2A*s, 7As, 2Bs
Dominic Travis 2A*s, 8As, 2Bs
Joely Bellew Hughes 2A*s, 6As, 4Bs, 1C & Merit
Emilia Jones 2A*s, 6As, 4Bs, 1C

Headteacher, Mrs Sarah Sutton commented: “We are extremely proud here at Ysgol Eirias to see our students reap the rewards of their hard work.  This year group and the staff involved with them have worked extremely hard to reach their goals.  We look forward to continuing to support them in their next steps.”

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